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Visit to a cheese factory

Les Haudères

Do you love cheese and dairy products?

Take a tour of the cheese factory to find out more about how these local products are made.

Bitte reservieren Sie Ihren Platz direkt über das Tourismusbüro von Evolène mindestens 24 Stunden im Voraus.

Price :

CHF 10 / person (from 4 people) or CHF 40 / visit if less than 4 people


CHF 10.00 / person from 4 persons or CHF 40.00 / visit if less than 4 persons


Visit to a cheese factory

Evolène Région Tourisme


+41 (0)27 283 40 00


Route principale 15
1984 Les Haudères

Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.08293545127999, 7.50866711139679

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