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Leisure activities



If you want to discover the Evolène region from another angle and with completely new sensations, the Alp-Trottinettes scooters are certainly what you need!

From April to October (depending on weather conditions), get away from it all on family routes or increase the sensations by choosing the sport version of this activity, in complete safety of course and guided by a local.

Information and reservations: 
Get in touch directly by writing to info@alp-paintball.ch or calling +41 (0) 79 233 40 75.

Prices : 
Small tour : CHF 34.00 / person
Long route : CHF 54.-- / person
Taxi ride in addition : CHF 12.-- / person

Bachelorette party / Bachelor party

Number of people: 50 people max / 6 people min.
Rabbit hunt : The lucky one against the rest of the group
The others shoot the groom or the bride
One referee on the field
Costume of the groom or the bride: Rabbit, Olaf, unicorn
Duration : for 10 persons : 2 h / for 20 persons : 4 h
Price : 70 francs per person
Reservation period : 3 weeks / 1 month





Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.12167819468638, 7.4798011779785165