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The built heritage in Evolène

25 / 03 / 2022

You have the possibility to discover the typical architecture of the villages of the commune of Evolène, accompanied by a guide. You will discover more closely the way of life of the people of Evolène in the past centuries while learning a lot of details about the construction methods and the specificities of the buildings in the region. This tour is suitable for children and adults. The tour can also include a visit to the Evolène museum with its rich collection of ancient objects, its room dedicated to the evolution of the traditional costume of the region and its temporary exhibition. 

The patois of Evolène is part of the vast landscape of Romance languages and belongs to the Franco-Provençal linguistic domain. The language represents the most beautiful expression of the heritage to which the Evolensians show their strong attachment. Not only does the dialect constitute a rich communication tool and offer the means to express the world, but above all it builds the vision of the world and forms the thought of the speakers. The regional civilisation as well as the environment are deeply shaped by the patois language, which has been passed on uninterruptedly from one generation to the next, so much so that today, Evolène is the last commune in French-speaking Switzerland where children speak spontaneously in patois. Fortunately, patois is still the language of communication throughout the region.

The costume is certainly the emblem of Evolène and forges the Evolène identity. To evoke the costume is to refer to the ritualised clothing characteristic of the Evolene community. It varies not only in time and space, but also according to circumstances and individual tastes. There is a natural attachment to traditional dress and pride in wearing it. Since the middle of the 19th century, the elegance of the Evolène costume has not failed to seduce visitors and artists. How many paintings by masters have immortalised the local people in their everyday clothes or in their festive attire!
The colours of the rainbow celebrate the name of Evolène and the costume favours the bright palette of gaiety. Indeed, the red tone dominates the different parts of the women's costume and bright colours also enliven the traditional children's and men's clothing. The harmony of the fabrics and colours as well as the nobility of the person wearing them ensure the reputation of the traditional Evolène garment.