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Recommended equipment for mountain hiking

Val d’Hérens

Your personal belongings

The head
A canvas hat for the sun
A scarf
Mountain glasses

Thermal underwear (quick drying)
Fleece jacket
Waterproof and breathable jacket such as Goretex or Micropore
Rain cape

Thermal tights
Mountain trousers

Two pairs of socks with excellent thermal properties
A pair of gaiters or "stop-tout" boots
Hiking boots with a notched sole for a good grip and a high shaft for good ankle support. If possible, they should be waterproof or another pair of shoes should be worn in case of wet feet.

A pair of gloves

In your bag
Telescopic walking sticks
A water bottle (1 litre minimum) and your food supplies
Food box and cutlery set
A mobile phone
A compass
A pocket knife
A survival blanket
A change of clothes
Toilet bag and towels
A headlamp
A few plastic bags to protect your belongings
Toilet paper and a lighter
Binoculars and a camera (optional)
A sleeping bag for the dormitories in gites or refuges

Personal pharmacy: sun cream for face and lips, adhesive tape and double skin, analgesic, cough and throat medication, eye drops, ear plugs, personal medication

In a waterproof bag: identity card or passport, money, your mountain assistance contract and insurance

The rucksack: a rucksack with wide straps and an adjustable anatomical frame, with a capacity of 35 to 40 litres


Recommended equipment for mountain hiking

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