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Summer activities

Observe and discover the wonders of autumn

Autumn is a season full of treasures and wonders. Nature is completely transformed and offers majestic landscapes. The Evolène region symbolises this transformation with its larch and arolla trees wearing their orange robes, the first snow tinting the summits with white, and animals such as deer emerging from their lair.

Our mountain guides will be happy to share their experience and knowledge of the region with you!

Pierre-André Anzévui

The guide Pierre-André Anzévui offers you his gourmet walk highlighting the flavors of autumn.

Taste the brisolée, visit historical buildings and take advantage of Pierre-André's knowledge to learn more about the region!

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Pierre Burnier

"L'accompagnateur" Pierre Burnier offers hikes in the Val d'Hérens for all levels.

If you are in good physical condition and love breathtaking landscapes, the "rando panorama" hike is for you.

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Observe and discover the wonders of autumn

Observe and discover the wonders of autumn