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Emmanuel Fabriol painting exhibition


Every Sunday , Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Friday , Saturday , From 28 Jun 2022 to 15 Sep 2022

11:00 - 17:00

"Very sensitive to current events and the aberrations of the world, I have constructed plastic compositions that are committed and even provocative.

Bacon, Rebeyrolle, Dado were among my references. I explored the portrait, the landscape, the collage. Searching, researching, assembling, constructing, deconstructing is a work that still drives me to write my language.

Love, humor, questioning, isolation, revolt, solitude, wonder, sharing, questioning, exchange, provocation, balance are part of my reflections in the construction of my paintings.

Currently, I propose a series of works which is a point of convergence of all my influences.

My work of painting turns essentially today around the dialogue which can maintain the man with nature, in its report with the natural spaces, in its place of being alive in our contemporary time.

In my paintings, I use a figurative language composed of objects, characters or animals that take place in spaces, landscapes. They are there to bring a scale, a temporality, a geography, a relationship to normality."

Meeting with the artist on July 16th at 5pm.
The poster of the exhibition 



Emmanuel Fabriol painting exhibition

Emmanuel Fabriol painting exhibition
La Petite Auberge de Lannaz


Route de la chapelle 8
1983 Lannaz

Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.12020947252768, 7.47970998287201

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